Sunday, September 16, 2007

Extra Tracks 1971-1987

Track List:

1.Another Day
2.Oh Woman, Oh Why
3. Smile Away (German Mix)
4. Give Ireland Back To The Irish
5. Give Ireland Back To The Irish (version)
6. Mary Had A Little Lamb
7. Little Woman Love
8. Hi,Hi,Hi
C Moon
10. The Mess
Live And Let Die
12. I Lie Around
13. Country Dreamer
14. Zoo Gang
15. Walking In The Park With Eloise
16. Bridge Over The River Suite
17. Junior's Farm
18. Sally G
19. Letting Go (single Edit)
20. Beware My Love (single Version)
21. Let 'Em In (Japanese Edit)
22. Seaside Woman
23. B-side To Seaside
24. Mull Of Kintyre
25. Girls' School
26. With A Little Luck (single Edit)
27. Goodnight Tonight
28. Daytime Nightime Suffering
29. Goodnight Tonight (extended Version)
30. Wonderful Christmastime
31. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reggae
32. Coming Up (live At Glasgow)
33. Lunch Box - Odd Sox
34. Check My Machine
35. Secret Friend
36. Got To Get You Into My Life (Kampuchea)
37. Every Night (Kampuchea)
38. Coming Up (Kampuchea)
39. Lucille (Kampuchea)
40. Let It Be (Kampuchea)
41. Rockestra Theme (Kampuchea)
42. Rainclouds
43. Ebony And Ivory (solo Version)
44. Take It Away (single Version)
45. I'll Give You A Ring
46. The Girl Is Mine
47. Say Say Say (extended Version)
48. Say Say Say (instrumental)
49. Ode To A Koala Bear
50. Ode To A Koala Bear (Australian Mix)
51. No More Lonely Nights (extended Version)
52. No More Lonely Nights (special Dance Mix)
53. No More Lonely Nights (extended Playout Version)
54. We All Stand Together
55. We All Stand Together (humming Version)
56. Do They Know It's Christmas (remix)
57. Feed The World
58. You'll Never Walk Alone
59. Spies Like Us
60. My Carnival
61. Spies Like Us (party Mix)
62. Spies Like Us (alt. Mix Known To Friends As Tom)
63. Spies Like Us (DJ Version)
64. My Carnival (party Mix)
65. Seaside Woman (remix)
66. B-side To Seaside (remix)
67. Seaside Woman (extended Remix)
68. B-side To Seaside (extended Remix)
69. Press (video Edit)
70. It's Not True (45 Version)
71. Press (video Soundtrack)
72. Hanglide
73. Press (dub Mix)
74. Press (10' Hugh Padgham Mix)
75. Pretty Little Head (single Version)
76. Pretty Little Head (extended Version)
77. Angry (12'remix)
78. Only Love Remains (remix)
79. Tough On A Tightrope (12'remix)
80. Talk More Talk (12'remix)
81. Simple As That
82. Let It Be (Ferry Aid)
83. Let It Be (Ferry Aid Gospel Jam Mix)
84. Let It Be (Ferry Aid 12'mix)
85. Let It Be (Ferry Aid Mega Message Mix)
86. I Saw Her Standing There (Prince's Trust)
87. Long Tall Sally (Prince's Trust)
88. Get Back (Prince's Trust)
89. Once Upon A Long Ago
90. Back On My Feet
91. Once Upon A Long Ago (Long Version)
92. Once Upon A Long Ago (Extended Version)

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