Sunday, October 28, 2007

Interviews 1968 (Lazy Tortoise) [FLAC]

[disc 1]

[disc 2]

[disc 3]

[disc 4]

[disc 5]



Bob Clouston said...

Dear Serena, Thank You for your efforts and sharing. It is greatly enjoyed.
Please note that for LT 1968, the disc 1 link is also the link for disc 5. Would you please correct?
Best regards,Bob

Michael said...

Once again, wow, fantastic, thank you so so much for sharing these.

I have to concur that the link for disc one actually gives you disc five, so disc one is actually missing.

Thanks, yet again!!

Serena said...

my apologizes for not taking notice to that. the link is fixed now.

Michael said...

Thank you!!

Alf said...

Thanks for all this stuff Serena.
You've really helped me complete by Lazy Tortoise collection.

Cuddlybear said...

Hello Serena, thank you for sharing these excellent Lazy Tortoise releases.

This is a very impressive site. Thank you for all the time you take to share these musical goodies here.

God bless you.

Michael ( Northern Ireland )