Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Complete: 10 - June 19 To July 10(A), 1963 [FLAC]



Michael said...

Serena, great stuff as always!

I actually have the "As It Happened Baby" that someone requested, and I have another special thing that I think maybe you'd be interested in, I'll upload them first and then let you know about them!

My own special request is the November 1963 disc (I think it's on Silent Sea...looks like there's some interviews I don't have or didn't even know existed!), and I think Lazy Tortoise has a disc that has the full April 16 phone call interview, during the session of A Hard Day's Night! I'm dying to hear those!

All in good time though! In the meantime, thanks all the treasures you keep posting!! I love this blog!!!

Serena said...

I'm not sure I'm aware of a Silent Sea disc with those interviews on them. I'm missing the last two disc to the complete collection I've just posted, but there's no November to that set anyways.

I do have the Lazy Tortoise one you mentioned. I'll have it posted later.

Thanks in advance for 'As It Happened Baby,' and seasons greetings!

risotelo said...

Hi Serena.

Can you please repost "Complete: 10 - June 19 To July 10(A), 1963 [FLAC]"
and Complete: 09 - May 21(B) To June 17, 1963 [FLAC]

Please??? thanks so much

greetings from chile.