Friday, December 28, 2007

Revolver Sessions 3 [FLAC]

1. Dr. Robert-US Mono Mix
2. I'm Only Sleeping-US Mono Mix
3. And Your Bird Can Sing -US Mono Mix
4. For No One-SI take 10 lead vocal
5. For No One-reduction mix take 13
6. Got to Get You Into My Life-SI take 8 [stereo brass overdub (partial)]
7. Got to Get You Into My Life-SI take 8 [stereo brass overdub (complete)]
8.Got to Get You Into My Life- vocals, organ, tambourine
9. For No one-SI take 14-bass
10.For No one-SI take 14-french horn
11. And Your Bird Can Sing-US stereo mix
12.And Your Bird Can Sing-UK stereo mix
13. Dr. Robert-US stereo mix
14.Dr. Robert-UK stereo mix
15. I'm Only Sleeping-US stereo mix
16.I'm Only Sleeping-UK stereo mix
17. Yellow Submarine-take 4-rhythm
18. Yellow Submarine-SI take 4-lead and backing vocals
19. Yellow Submarine-SI take 4-second vocal
20. Yellow Submarine-SI take 5-sound effects
21.Yellow Submarine-intro
22. I Want to Tell You- rhythm + vocals and piano
23. I Want to Tell You-bass +vocals
24. I Want to Tell You-RM4
25.I Want to Tell You-RM5
26. And Your Bird Can Sing-UK Mono Mix
27. I'm only Sleeping-UK Mono Mix
28.Tomorrow Never Knows-RM11
29. Eleanor Rigby-SI take 15-end vocal
30. Good Day Sunshine-take 1-rhythm
31.Good Day Sunshine-SI take 1-vocals
32.Good Day Sunshine-SI take 1-piano, percussion, handclaps, vocals
33.Good Day Sunshine-end vocal overlays


Vincent said...

Thanks. This is a great addition to my Beatles collection. I have Disk 1 and now Disk 3. Do you have Disk 2? Thank you again.

Serena said...

I do not, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music,

I also make music see

Anonymous said...

Sorry the post does not allow anonymous comments, but I am anonymous.

My music is more new though.

Javier Espinoza said...

Hola, me gustaría si puedes ver y poder solucionar un problema que hay entre las tomas de Yellow Submarine, ya que hay dos que no están en la lista y sale en el archivo el "mono mix us" y no sale en la lista del blog, además de que falta una.

Muy bueno tu post, muchas gracias por traer tan buen material.