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The Beatles The Final Tour (Purple Chick) [FLAC]

Disc 1:
Disc 2:

The Beatles
Live 11 - The Last Tour
Purple Chick


Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, OH - 14 August, 1966
1: intro (Can You Hear Me?)
2: Day Tripper (Can You Hear Me?)
3: show interruption (Can You Hear Me? + Vinyl To The Core)
4: I Feel Fine (Vinyl To The Core)

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada - 17 August, 1966 (afternoon):
5: intro (unbooted)
6: If I Needed Someone (unbooted)

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada - 17 August, 1966 (evening):
7: intro (Live Beatles At The Maple Leaf Gardens)
8: Rock and Roll Music (LBATMLG)
9: She's A Woman (LBATMLG)
10: If I Needed Someone (LBATMLG)
11: Day Tripper (LBATMLG)
12: Baby's In Black (LBATMLG)
13: I Feel Fine (LBATMLG)
14: Yesterday (LBATMLG)
15: I Wanna Be Your Man (LBATMLG)
16: Nowhere Man (LBATMLG)
17: Paperback Writer (LBATMLG)
18: Long Tall Sally (LBATMLG)
19: outro (LBATMLG)

Suffolk Downs Racetrack, Boston, MA - 18 August, 1966
20: She's A Woman (We'd Like To Cary On)
21: Long Tall Sally (Vinyl To The Core)

Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN - 19 August, 1966 (afternoon)
22: intro (From Beatles In Memphis 1966)
23: Rock and Roll Music (Berry) (From Beatles In Memphis 1966)
24: She's A Woman (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
25: If I Needed Someone (Harrison) (FBIM 1966)
26: Day Tripper (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
27: Baby's In Black (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
28: I Feel Fine (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
29: Yesterday (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
30: I Wanna Be Your Man (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
31: Nowhere Man (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
32: Paperback Writer (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
33: Long Tall Sally (Johnson-Penniman-Blackwell) (FBIM 1966)


Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN - 19 August, 1966 (evening)
1: intro (From Beatles In Memphis 1966)
2: Rock and Roll Music (Berry) (From Beatles In Memphis 1966)
3: She's A Woman (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
4: If I Needed Someone (Harrison) (FBIM 1966)
5: Day Tripper (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
6: Baby's In Black (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
7: I Feel Fine (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
8: Yesterday (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
9: I Wanna Be Your Man (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
10: Nowhere Man (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
11: Paperback Writer (Lennon-McCartney) (FBIM 1966)
12: Long Tall Sally (Johnson-Penniman-Blackwell) (FBIM 1966)

Busch Stadium, Boston, MA - 21 August, 1966
13: Rock and Roll Music/She's A Woman (unbooted)

Shea Stadium, New York, NY - 23 August, 1966
14: intro (Beatles' Blast In Stadium Described By Erupting Fans)
15: She's A Woman (BBISDBEF)
16: If I Needed Someone (BBISDBEF)
17: I Feel Fine (BBISDBEF)
18: Yesterday (BBISDBEF)
19: Paperback Writer (BBISDBEF)
20: outro (BBISDBEF)

Candlestick Park, San Francisco, CA - 29 August, 1966
21: Rock and Roll Music (Live in Paris 1964 and in San Francisco 1966)
22: She's A Woman (Paris/San Francisco)
23: If I Needed Someone (Paris/San Francisco)
24: Day Tripper (Paris/San Francisco)
25: Baby's In Black (Paris/San Francisco)
26: I Feel Fine (Paris/San Francisco)
27: Yesterday (Paris/San Francisco)
28: I Wanna Be Your Man (Paris/San Francisco)
29: Nowhere Man (Paris/San Francisco)
30: Paperback Writer (Paris/San Francisco)
31: Long Tall Sally (Paris/San Francisco)

And so to the conclusion of The Beatles as a performing group
(although some might argue the end really came a year or more earlier)
– all the circulating shows from their final tour of the U.S.A.

While this may be a delight for completists, the last show at San
Francisco is the only decent sounding recording here (and not such a
bad performance either, relatively speaking). Also of note is the
'cherry bomb' explosion heard halfway through "If I Needed Someone"
from the Memphis evening show. Otherwise it's slim pickings, pop

We've done our best to make everything sound as good as possible -
speed correction, a little eq, and more (but never any compression or
noise reduction!) We even used a source for the San Francisco show
without the digital reverb appearing on most releases of this concert.

It's not all that pretty, but this is it – the end of The Beatles
live. (Unless you count the Rooftop Concert – and that's on A/B Road
if you still need to find it!)

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Catelixthe said...

Thank you soooo much for this set in particular. My mother actually attended the Memphis show and brushed up against the Beatles after the concert by sheer luck. She told me the story of the show many times, and I swear that's her screaming in the audience! LOL