Monday, January 14, 2008

July 1964 [FLAC]

1. Interview by Murry Kaufman
2.Interview Scene at 6:30
3.Interview Scene at 6:30
4.BBC Radio Proms
5. Open End interview
6. Interview by Dieter Broer
7. Operating Table Sketch and Introduction
8. A Hard Days night
9.Things We Said Today
10. You Can't Do That
11. If I Fell
12. Long Tall Sally
13. George on Jukebox Jury
14. Ringo on Jukebox Jury
15. Interview by Klas Burling
16. Interview by Klas Burling
17.Interview by Klas Burling
18 Interview by Klas Burling


Michael said...

Fantastic!!! I can't wait!!! I've been dying for all these pre-Australia, post Paris 1964 Lazy Tortoise releases!! it me? Or is there no link!!!!

Vincent said...

No link!

Serena said...

I apologize for that....