Monday, January 28, 2008

Star Club (Purple Chick ) [FLAC]

disc 1:
disc 2:


25(?) December, 1962, Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

1: Be-Bop A-Lula vocal: Fred Fascher (Teichiku + unbooted)
2: I Saw Her Standing There (unbooted)
3: Hallelujah I Love Her So - vocal: Horst Fascher (Teichiku + unbooted)
4: Red Hot - incomplete (unbooted)
5: Sheila (unbooted)
6: Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey (unbooted)
7: Shimmy Like Kate (unbooted)
8: Reminiscing (unbooted)
9: Red Sails In The Sunset (unbooted)
10: Sweet Little Sixteen (unbooted)
11: Roll Over Beethoven (unbooted)
12: A Taste Of Honey - incomplete (unbooted)

13: Ask Me Why (Road Runner + Teichiku)
14: Long Tall Sally (Teichiku)
15: Besame Mucho (Teichiku)
16: I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) - incomplete (Teichiku)
17: Twist And Shout - incomplete (Lingasong + Sony + Batz)
18: Mr. Moonlight (Teichiku + Lingasong)
19: Falling In Love Again (Lingasong + Teichiku + unbooted + Batz + Teichiku)
20: I’m Talking About You (Teichiku + Sony + Teichiku)
21: I Remember You (Teichiku + Batz)


28(?) December, 1962, Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

1: Nothin’ Shakin’ (But The Leaves On The Trees) - incomplete (Teichiku + unbooted)
2: I Saw Her Standing There (unbooted)
3: To Know Her Is To Love Her (unbooted)
4: Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby (unbooted)
5: Till There Was You (Third Reich source tape)
6: Where Have You Been All My Life? (Third Reich + Teichiku + Third Reich + unbooted)
7: Lend Me Your Comb (unbooted)
8: Your Feet’s Too Big (unbooted)
9: I’m Talking About You (unbooted)
10: A Taste Of Honey (unbooted)
11: Matchbox (unbooted + Third Reich source tape + Teichiku)
12: Little Queenie (Teichiku + Third Reich source tape)
13: Roll Over Beethoven (Third Reich source tape)

31(?) December, 1962, Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

14: Road Runner (Road Runner + Teichiku + Road Runner + unbooted)
15: Hippy Hippy Shake (Teichiku)
16: A Taste Of Honey - fragment ( + Road Runner)
17: Money - vocal: Bobby Thompson (poss.) (or Tony Sheridan?) (Road Runner)

Bonus tracks:
King Size Taylor and the Dominos and *Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers
31(?) December, 1962 Star Club, Hamburg, Germany

18: Sparkling Brown Eyes - vocal: Keith Hardie (Road Runner)
19: Lovesick Blues - vocal: John Frankland (Road Runner)
20: First Taste Of Love - vocal: Bobby Thompson (Road Runner)
21: Dizzy Miss Lizzy - vocal: Kingsize Taylor (Road Runner)
22 : Hully Gully* - vocal: Cliff Bennett (Teichiku)


mister kite said...

If it were not for the fact that I've been happily married for 30 years and love my wife to bits, there is a distinct possibility that I could leave her for you!!!

E909 said...

Hey Serena...First or all , Thank you for bring all this amazing collection of the beatles to everybody. Thanks for all the dedication. Now...I Have a Question.....

You bring all this exelent material of the beatles in the best quality of music, that in this case is a "uncompressed" format, that have the best music quality. The question is....

How do you get the purple chick editions of the beatles records on Flac????

I made this Question because we all know that the "Purple Chick" editions are on the internet only and they never relase this catalog on CDs because they are free, so how you do it?

You converted the MP3 Files to Flac?

Or you find the "uncompressed" Flac vertions of the Purple Chick catalog on the internet form the main autor?

I am very curius because I Have the MP3 catalog of Purple Chick, but I wanna to have the uncompressed catalog for a better sound quality you know... So I Hope to see the answer from you very soon!!!! And again...
Thanks for all the eford and the dedication to this blog! We apreciate all this!

Spiderjeru said...

Hi Serena: The link to Disc 1 and the fix are broken. Can you restore?