Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tuned To A Natural E Volume 5 [FLAC]

1. TUNED TO A NATURAL E - Reprise SB 2:58 stereo
A full length version. All the extra stuff is cut and pasted rather haphazardly onto the
regular left-right instrumental backing to double the piano, guitar and clavioline. The
extra piano parts are from the YS Songtrack.

2. BAD TO ME Chaos Control 2:13 stereo
I wanted to do an early Beatles mix, so I took the George Martin produced music from the Billy J
Kramer & The Dakotas version and put John's demo over it. It gives you an idea of what it may have
sounded like if the Beatles had done the song.

3. MONEY Ferbeat 1:22 mono
I tried to make an instrumental version because I always liked the sound of the music in this song,
as well as all the screams from John and Paul. I played with the solo, mixing both channels and the
screaming to get a full length Beatles song.

4. DAY TRIPPER Chaos Control 3:03 stereo
I liked the energy of the takes 1 and 2 backing tracks, so I put the vocals on top of them. I used the
extended take 3 in the vamp, and ended it with the live Tokyo 1966 final chord and screams.

5. THE NIGHT BEFORE VM 2:33 stereo
Assembled from the HELP! surround extractions with the intro and final chord flown in from the official
CD. One of my guilty pleasures, here is an opportunity to hear the song with greater detail than on
the original HELP! CD. For example, it's easier to notice how Paul runs out of breath in parts of the song.

Taking the vocals of "Hey Bulldog", I added them to loops in the "Leave My Kitten Alone" tracks along with
animal noises from "Good Morning, Good Morning". There was a wonderful feeling I got when I first made the
track when I realized it all seemed to work both musically AND thematically!

7. THINK FOR YOURSELF Ferbeat 2:17 stereo
From the right channel, where the fuzz bass is, I extracted the highs to get the tambourine and maracas.
From the left channel I took the low frequencies to make another bass track, and the high frequencies
to give the guitar a more upfront sound.

8. TAX MY CAR VM 2:37 mono
Album openers "Taxman" and "Drive My Car" are both mid-tempo rockers in the key of D, and to me they are
strikingly similar in style. Putting them together wasn't too difficult, requiring some tempo adjustment
and a bit of editing. Adding in the cowbell loop through the non-vocal parts gave the track continuity.

Completely chopped up into a new song almost. The original idea was to have a version that featured
guitars all the way through, but it sort of took on a life of its own after I started playing with the guitar samples.

The strings backing had to be pitch-matched to the vocals, then the vocals were edited in phrase by phrase,
sometimes stretched to fill gaps. The guitar solo was a bit of lunacy born of necessity, as something was
needed in the space between the second verse and chorus.

Using the multi-track elements that have been made available, I mixed a version of this song that focused
primarily on that smokin' basic track. One of my favorite Beatles performances.

Another case of using the multi-tracks. This one is a bit more aggressive, separating the vocals and
sometimes not using them at all. I got a kick out of John and Paul's wonderful harmonies so I highlighted
them throughout the song.

I wondered what it would sound like to have both sections of the song playing simultaneously all the way
through. I used the take 6 backing, edited to match the cv, then edited in the orchestra from the right
channel of take 25. Vocals are mostly from take 6 with a chorus from take 4 and a verse from take 1.

A wack track made up from elements at the end of the various SFF takes, the main part being a loop of the
goofy piano riff at the end of take 26.

15. I AM THE WALRUS Chaos Control 4:47 stereo
This mix blends George Martin's and Lord Sitar's instrumental versions of the song with John's vocal. I also
slipped in the 1935 song "Umpa Umpa" by The Two Leslies which John nicked for the outro.

16. GOODNIGHT NAKED BDJ 3:07 stereo
"Goodnight" is a good song, but overproduced by George Martin. The violins and chorus drown out the melody, as
if it were a young Phil Spector at the controls. Is the middle eight a John Lennon or George Martin composition?
We don't know, but we can mix a version without the orchestra, and with a more fitting middle eight!

17. HERE COMES THE SUN VM 3:04 stereo
A left-over from TTANE 4, this mix emphasizes the wonderful score by Sir George Martin.

18. I ME MINE Ferbeat 3:13 mono
I made my remix primarily with the "Naked" version and the end of the Spectorized one. I tried to give an
acoustic feel to the verses and oopsed the first bridge. On the second bridge I gave the solo a louder sound. With
the idea of an extended ending, I used both channels of the Spectorized version to introduce some of the orchestra
to get a more dramatic feel.

19. MAYBE I'M AMAZED VM 3:48 stereo
This mix uses the isolated surround channels taken from "The McCartney Years" DVD. I wanted a rawer more basic
mix and at first had used just piano, drums, bass and vocals. But I couldn't leave out Paul's wonderfully lyrical guitar
work which for me is the heart of this song. So this mix presents the song as if a 4-piece band were performing it.
When Paul isn't singing you can easily hear him humming and vamping along.

20. I DON'T WANT TO DO IT Ferbeat 2:15 stereo
I took the "Acetates & Alternates" version of this 1970 track and put some sounds from the end at the beginning.
Then I synchronized a drum track taken from "With A Little Help From My Friends" and some tambourine too,
extracted some low frequencies and put a very subtle bass track.

21. REAL LOVE GB 4:07 stereo
A stripped remix of Real Love taken from the Anthology 5.1 isolations. The speed was fast to my ears so I slowed it
down to what sounded right. You can hear some hidden harmonies.

22. ONLY PEPPER WEEPS Pepper Beat Mix/Collage MP3J 9:58 stereo
I thought I'd do a little mini-mix, using the Sgt. Pepper beats as a backdrop. I used the recent Pepper multi-tracks so I
could edit the backing without affecting the vocals, and then looped the guitar figure from George's "While My Guitar
Gently Weeps" (the "Love" version) time stretched to fit the beat. I needed a vocal over it so I first tried "It's Only
Love," altered to fit the rhythm. Then I added Paul's vocal, and then some guitar from "Pepper" with echo and delay.
To round it out, I selected various samples and put them over the Pepper beats.. see how many you can spot!

23. AT THE MERCY SB 2:27 stereo
Buried at the back of the song is this cool short riff which Paul could have made much better use of. He didn't
use it so I did!


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The artwork:

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Please tell me how I can play FLAC files on my Mac.
The whole "Tuned to a Natural E" project seems astonishing! ... in print.

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