Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Elton John Live in Hoffman Estates, Chicago, IL 15-4-2010 [MP3]


john said...

You do not have permission to share my upload on this blog, so therefore it is now deleted, if you had asked I would had been fine.

Serena said...

If this was not meant to be distributed for all, then it should have not been uploaded in the first place.

The uploader was unknown, therefore could not be credited or consulted. I thank you for the original link.

The new link however is mine, everyone has permission to redistribute it with no credit or acknowledgment necessary.

john said...

If you researched it you would had found out who it was not had found it. I uploaded it to share with people, as long as im credited, something you did not do, its simple as that. I would more than willing to reupload any of the links if you would like.

Serena said...

And I upload to share with people period. I like to give many things away, but greed isn't one of them.

It is my pleasure to dispense these to all who appreciate them, without ANYTHING in return. Thank you, but I will gladly re-upload these myself.