Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dr. Peppers Tasty Beverage Can [FLAC]

See cover for details

disc 1:
disc 2:
disc 3:
disc 4:


Angela Maria said...

Thanks!!! Your blog is the best ever!!

Angela Maria said...

Thanks!!! Your blog is the best ever!!

Geoff said...

Expertly chosen collection of outtakes, and a real keeper. Thanks.

JugMan said...

Help me I'm new to this
I got it open but what or where can I play it ??
It won't play in windows


nathan said...

so how do i access the music? please tell me why? xxxxxxxxx give me a email at peace and lovexx

Geoff said...

They're FLAC files and there are a number of ways to play them or you can convert them to WAV files:

JAJBlog said...

Is there any back cover in outerspace for this gem ?

Aldoux said...


there's a way to play FLAC files in Windows Media Player but only for version 10 and later:

- install de FLAC frontend at:
this page will be very useful for you to learn everything about FLAC format,

- open the folder with the FLAC files, select and drag then into the WMP play files box. If you try to open the files thru' the menu it won't work.

There are other options as Geoff said, you can convert FLAC to WAV or mp3; there are also several players that support FLAC files, like FOOBAR2000 ( ). Good luck !.

PD. Last but not least, thanks to Serena for this wonderful post !.

NicoLaagland said...

Hi, Serena
Love this site very much.
It's really great. Thanks for your work.
I'm still looking for The Rubber Sounds Album by BRG.
Is there anyway to put it on your site?
Thanks anyway...
greetings, Nico