Sunday, April 20, 2008

Magical Mystery Tour (US Mono LP - Capitol) (2005 Upgrade) [FLAC]



michelaccio said...

I haven't comments to do, but I have a request for Serena.
I remember that you had posted the Silent Sea Video Series "TV Tapes" at "JPGR"
I need Vol. 4/5/6. Can you post these torrents in some place, maybe Demonoid?

Thanks anyway, especially for your beautiful blog

Ciao from Maranello, Italy

Gianni Nicolini

Serena said...

Hi michelaccio,

That was not me who posted those, I'm not sure who did. I do have those, but I'm missing volume's three and six.

Besides, I could never get onto Demonoid anyway.


JAJBlog said...

Thanks Serena. I have added a link towards your blog from mine. I you know other lossles blog, please let me know.

dsotm ;-)