Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Hope We Passed The Audition

22-23 June, 1961
1: My Bonnie (German intro)
2: My Bonnie (English intro)
3: My Bonnie
4. The Saints
5. Cry for a Shadow
6. Why (Can't You Love Me Again)

24 June, 1961
7. Nobody's Child
8. Ain't She Sweet
9. Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby

Decca Audition - 1 Jan, 1962
(complied from multiple sources - including the 'Deccagone' endings)
10: Like Dreamers Do
11: Money
12: To Know Her Is To Love Her
13: Memphis
14: Till There Was You
15: Sure To Fall
16: Besame Mucho
17: Love Of The Loved
18: Hello Little Girl
19: Three Cool Cats
20: September In The Rain
21: Take Good Care Of My Baby
22: Crying Waiting Hoping
23: The Sheik Of Araby
24: Searchin’

24 May, 1962
25: Sweet Georgia Brown (backing)

EMI Audition - 6 June, 1962
26: Besame Mucho
27: Love Me Do

7 June, 1962
28: Sweet Georgia Brown (1962 vocal)

3 January, 1964
29: Sweet Georgia Brown (1964 vocal)


Anonymous said...

dearest serena, thanks for all your work
the file "I hope we passed the audition" part2, after extracting, contains nothing or, better, it doesn't extract
I tried firstly putting the same PW of part1, but it didn't work
so i tried with PW:"EggMan-911", and StuffIt seemed to extract the file, but there wasn't anything.
hope to hear from you how to solve the problem
thanks again, roberto

Serena said...

I switched the link out, a password isn't necessary anymore.