Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's Not Too Bad

Booklet Notes:

"I have an original tape of it around somewhere. Of how it sounded before it became the sort of psychedelic-sounding song it became on record." -John Lennon, September 1980

Here it is! John's complete composing work tape, offering the listener an unique insight into the genesis of "Strawberry Fields Forever," arguable the pivotal point in the Beatles career. Coupling these home recordings with a demonstrative sampling of the EMI session tapes, this collection offers an unparalleled perspective of the evolution of "Strawberry Fields Forever" - from conception to release. It is an outlook unavailable for any other song in the Beatles canon! One can actually hear the composition taking form, and aurally witness John's modus operandi in action! Many have theorized on the importance and effect of this composition on the Beatles career, not to mention popular music as a whole. Supposals range from the accurate to the absurd, but they all have one thing in common- they aren't much fun to read! As Mr. Lennon himself once said, "Writing about music is like talking about fucking." So rather than wax prophetic about the "drooping appoggiatura" or the "sinister distortions of the instrumental sonorities", I'd like to present some more of a technical history of the recordings and the events with surrounded them. Listeners who are interested in the inspiration behind the composition should forsake the essays, and search out the transcripts of John's marathon interview with David Sheff for Playboy magazine. The inspiration goes deeper than the image of the gothic orphanage, once visible from the now-famous gates.

-Its Not Too Bad
1. Warm-up
2. Take 1
3. Take 2
4. Take 3
5. Take 4
6. Takes 5 & 6
7. Rehearsal

Strawberry Fields Forever -
8. Electric Guitar Overdub Rehearsal
9. Electric Guitar Overdubs onto Instrumental Demo
10. Demo playback/Chat
11. Vocal Overdub (Double-tracking lead vocal) onto Demo
12. Demo playback
13. Electric Guitar Demo - Take 1
14. Electric Guitar Composing Sequence - Takes 2 - 7
15. Electric Guitar Demo - Take 8
16. Mellotron -Strawberry Fields Forever
17. Take 1
18. Take 2
19. Takes 3 & 4
20. Takes 5 & 6
21. Take 7 (Tape Reduction Take 6)
22. Take 7
23. Take 25
24. Take 26
25. RS5

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