Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Alternate Ram

Nice collection consisting of tracks from the mono promo LP and original promo spots. All tracks are mixed differently.

1. Too Many People [Mono Promo]
2.Three Legs[Mono Promo]
3. Ram on [Mono Promo]
4.Dear Boy
5. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
[Mono Promo]
6.Smily Away[Mono Promo]
7. Heart of the Country[Mono Promo]
8. Monkberry Moon Delight[Mono Promo]
9.Eat at Home[Mono Promo]
10. Long Haired Lady[Mono Promo]
11. Ram On (Reprise)[Mono Promo]
12. The Back Seat of My Car[Mono Promo]
13. Little Woman Love [Rough Mix]
14. Sunshine Sometime[Rough Mix]
15. Rode All Night[Rough Mix]
16. A Love For You[Rough Mix]
17. Hey Diddle[Rough Mix]
18.Three legs[Acoustic]
19 Heart of the Country [Acoustic]
20. back Seat of My Car [Backing track]
21. Now Hear This[Promo Spot]
Now Hear This[Promo Spot]
23.Now Hear This[Promo Spot]
24.Now Hear This[Promo Spot]
25.Now Hear This[Promo Spot]
26.Now Hear This[Promo Spot]
27. Comments on Ram


Hawthorn said...

Hya, just found this blog while googling. Many thanks for such a great work. I wanted to hear this famous mono mix of Ram for a long time :)

Stijn said...

Hi, nice blog, bad of the poor soundquality of this but the mixes are NICE!!!!